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About Garcia Gibson Consulting

Garcia Gibson Consulting is a firm of experts who provide consultancy and solutions to meet the needs of our local and international clients on legal, compliance, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing issues.

Our goal is providing professional services to our clients under the highest quality standards through tailored advice by the founder and consultants assuming full responsibility for our clients' needs, priorities, and objectives.

Our AML experts have a thorough knowledge in specialized areas so as to ensure that excellent consulting services are provided.

Our founder, Ramon Garcia Gibson, PhD in Law, is highly specialized and extensively experienced both in academic and practical knowledge in local and international financial, legal and regulatory matters obtained through the positions held both in public sector, as financial regulator and supervisor, and at private sector in different financial institutions, as well as in international financial organizations. His years of experience allow him to deal with and provide solutions to the complexity of our clients' Legal, Compliance, and AML/CTF projects.







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