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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

  • Create and implement a Financial Intelligence Units within financial institutions as a complement to AML/CTF departments
  • Implement Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Department into Banking and Non-Banking Institutions
  • Review Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing departments and programs so as to provide a complete assessment and issue recommendations for proper operation
  • Provide counsel around required quality of Unusual and Suspicious Activity Reports and Currency Transaction Reports to be submitted to the Financial Intelligence Unit of the relevant country
  • Provide advice on the operation and enhancement of suspicious activity monitoring tools
  • Develop a robust risk-based Customer Identification and Verification Program (Know Your Customer) for financial institutions and other private companies and governmental bodies
  • Develop centralization and digitization processes for customer account opening documentation and for the proper completion of customer files
  • Design and implement a risk-based AML/CTF Program. Training needs vary from company to company; therefore, we create tailored training material covering immediate needs
  • Prepare Risk charts
  • Conduct Internal Audits to ensure proper compliance with applicable regulations
  • Appropriately prepare and implement Codes of Conduct, Manuals, Internal Policies, and Circulars
  • Prepare e-learning AML/CTF Training Programs to be delivered to all staff of the company
  • Perform Due Diligence to identify the company’s customers, subsidiaries, suppliers, brokers, employees, etc.
  • Make recommendations on actions to be taken to remediate findings issued by internal and external auditors, and competent Authorities
  • Make visits to the company’s customers or correspondent banks, particularly to those posing a higher risk
  • Provide advice to governments on the enactment of AML/CTF Laws, rules and regulations
  • Provide advice on account activity monitoring systems
  • Conduct Mystery-shopper exercises to measure compliance programs in accordance with local and global regulatory requirements, depending on each context
  • Develop a Customers, Suppliers and Employees Identification Program




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