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Other Risk Areas

Compliance with applicable regulations is material for financial institutions and other private and governmental entities, and also it is important that their personnel have updated knowledge of regulations and amendments to Laws. Garcia Gibson Consulting can assist to meet both needs.

While Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing are very important, there are other critical areas where standards are less specific or stringent that can endanger companies. Employees must be alert at all times to identify if any of the following issues take place where Garcia Gibson Consulting provides consultancy:

  • Stock Market Manipulation
  • Chinese Walls
  • Insider Trading
  • Marketing of Financial and Other Products
  • Internal Fraud
  • Any serious breach of applicable Regulations
  • Late Response to enquiries (Regulatory Letters) from Authorities
  • Prevent Reputational Risk Events


Risk mitigation

Competitive companies assess and identify all potential risks, either internal or external, that may have a negative impact on their business. Risk mitigation services provided by us help you and your company anticipate potential difficulties and avoid them. For these purposes, Garcia Gibson Consulting offers counsel services around the following issues:

  • Assess customers’ present and past key aspects
  • Litigations involving the company
  • Financial and operational background
  • Expenses, liabilities, liens or unknown / underestimated trials
  • Bad personal and business reputation
  • Hidden ownership interests
  • Review and design of internal control systems
  • Review particular entries on financial statements




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