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  • Provide assistance to the Senior Management to comply with the spirit and letter of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and international good practice standards
  • Provide expert counsel on breaches of applicable regulations, so that these are resolved as soon as possible to minimize financial losses and prevent damages to the clients' good name and reputation
  • Implement Compliance department and structure into financial institutions and other types of companies regulated and supervised by the Authorities
  • Create, implement and supervise Codes of Conduct within financial institutions and other non financial entities
  • Prepare and coordinate the process to comply with requirements for sharing information with Supervisory Entities and all other Authorities
  • Provide Specialized Compliance and AML/CTF Training to educational and financial institutions, all types of companies and governmental and international entities
  • Create and implement customer complaint areas in financial and non financial institutions
  • Follow up of customer complaints whitin financial and non financial institutions and Regulators




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